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Over the span of the past decade, the guitar virtuoso, Bob Shimizu, has set his sights on a nationwide conquest, with his base of operations resting unassumingly in Prescott, AZ.

Shimizu’s two national releases serve as a testament to his remarkable collaborations, enlisting the talents of luminaries like the late, legendary Joey DeFrancesco, Pat Bianchi,  Dominick Farinacci, and Eric Marienthal, to name just a few.  Shimizu’s  releases  have garnered critical praise including, a “4 Star” review from Downbeat Magazine, among other publications, and extended national radio spins, garnering consistently high chart positions on the Jazz Week national radio report.

Shimizu is no servant to convention; he exlores the ever-evolving landscape of jass with malleability, traversing both the traditional and the uncharted territories.  His exploratory nature even extends to sublime convers of Sting compositions in his live shows, transcending boundaries with an unrelenting commitment to artistic exploration.

Shimizu states: “I want my recordings and shows to feel good.  I love harmonic depth and all jazz sensibilities, but it has to groove at its core.  I endeavor to bond with the audience so that they might discover the same ‘Ah-hah’ and ‘Oh-yeah’ moments that unfold for us as we deliver them.”

Bob Shimizu proudly wears the mantle of a “purveyor of melody and space.”  Whether on the stage, casting a musical spell, or within the grooves of a recording, his mission remains resolute: to offer an enraptured audience an engaging, almost conversational experience, akin to reuniting with long-lost friends, where the dialogue of musical expression engenders a sense of familiarity and kinship.

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